' Black-faced Spoonbill, Jeoeolang and Earth Tour' Parish Application …

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0492e7d77f5ac36611e67e8600c36d9f_1666690669_865.jpg◉ How can I train?

- black-faced spoonbill ecology board game ‘Journey to the Earth with Jeoeolang’ deals with the story of a spoonbill and people in the face of a climate crisis.

  First, take a look at the contents of the map of 『Earth Trip with Jeoeolang and black-faced Spoonbill』.


- The 1st poem learns the story of the black-faced spoonbill, the black-faced spoonbill and the climate of the Namdong Reservoir

- Play with the black-faced spoonbill and earth travel ecology board game at the 2nd time.

- Through this game, you can learn about the ecology of the black-faced spoonbill and how the climate crisis can make it difficult for the black-faced spoonbill.


◉ How to rent a black-faced spoonbill ecology board game for ‘Earth Trip with jeoeolang'?

① Think about which subject and subject class you would like to link the black-faced Spoonbill class to.

② Considering the class schedule, please inquire if the teaching aid can be borrowed on the date you would like to borrow it.

   - Inquiries: Black-faced spoonbill Eco Center 032-818-3255

③ If it is possible to rent a teaching aid, fill out the application for rental of the Black-faced spoonbill Eco Center


Please send to E-mail: bfsnfriends@daum.net

④ Visit the Black-faced spoonbill Eco Center on the reserved date and time and take the teaching aid.

⑤ After use, please return it to the Black-faced spoonbill Eco Center. Participate in our satisfaction survey for programs and parishes.

⑥ If you want more Black-faced spoonbill stories and activities, please apply for the Black-faced spoonbill Eco Center program.

* If you want to study on-site at Namdong Reservoir after self-class, education fee (2 hours) is free (bus rental fee is borne by the school)


※ We ask for your understanding even if the direct rental method is cumbersome.

※ Be sure to check the components before and after rental! Please check and check the checklist.



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